Best Rav Hirsch Pic

I consider this the best picture of Fav Hirsch zt’l. I have never seen it included in any of the publications of the Kehilla nor of the Rabbi Joseph Breuer foundation. It appears when doing a Google image search for Rav Hirsch and appears on the OU website among other sites. Below a vignette:

Forty years ago on a summer morning, we
children were taken for a walk along the “Promena~
den”, the green belt which surrounded the old town
of Frankfort-an-Main. We were not far from the
“Schoene Aussicht”, close to the bank of the River
Main where Samson Raphael Hirsch lived, when my
brother, my senior by two years. took hold of my
arm and whispered: “The Rabbi”. We stopped.
Accompanied by one of his grand-daughters.
Samson Raphael Hirsch, stooping slightly, but with
firm steps, passed by. He raised his hat to the two
small boys who stared at him with curiosity. His
dark eyes were lit up by a kindly smile on beholding
two members of the third generation of his
community. I have never forgotten the friendly
gesture of the Rabbi whose venerable figure had
become part of my life at a very early stage.

From Herman Schwab’s “Memories of Frankfurt/ Aus de Schutzenstrasse”-can be accessed here

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