Where Did Rabiner Hirsch Live?

The well known address of Rabbi S.R. Hirsch in Frankfurt was Schoenne Ausicht 5.(see here) As the name implies, this address literally looks over the Main. This conjures up pictures of the saintly Rabbi sitting by a big open window- the big European type- with the flowing river and a little stone bridge just outside- as he pens his Gesammelte Schriften  or something.

The below postcard that was once on ebay and was saved to some other blog shows the postmaster crossing-out that address and substituing what appears to a spokesman at the Judische Museum Frankfurt as Thiergarten 52.

A directory from Frankfurt in 1852 has him residing at Hinter Schoenne Aussicht 1 a back street.

Finally, I am told within the community that his home was on the Schutzenstrasse 4, where the old shul was. In truth, the Schoene Aussicht address is around the corner from Schutzenstrasse, so this might be what was meant.hirschletter

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