A Piece of Art

I am not a researcher. Not more than the average guy with a healthy appetite for history. Yet in the few times that I have hit a dead end, it was FB that came through in the clutch.

Many years ago, (23 to be sure,) a close neighbor passed away. She had no children and her closest relative was overseas. So he received the inheritance and the neighbors received the job of cleaning out her apartment. Because I was a favorite neighbor of this woman from my childhood, I received two pencil-sketched pictures of German street scenes.

Recently, I noticed that many people of German descent have this style of picture hanging in their homes. So I sent photos of this drawing to a museum curator in Frankfurt (the city pictured) but he was clueless.

Not long afterward I joined a FB group for German Jews and after posting the picture I received the name of the estate pictured and the artist’s inscription from a curator in Berlin that can read the cursive well.

The artist’s name: “Tintner”. A quick google search reveals a woman from Vienna named Karoline Tintner. She has a few paintings for sale on ebay, but she is not selling them. She was deported in 1943 and perished in a concentration camp.

The piece of art has now become a treasure for me, and it stands as a memorial to two different women. My neighbor Hilde Lehmann and the artisit Karoline Tintner. Both in a better place now. Pictured above

Recently I came across an article by Werner Cohen, a prolific survivor from Berlin, and the uncle of the Israel’s in WH. He writes about how the ” Jewish” newspapers and the Jewish museums in Germany are staffed by Gentiles – almost exclusively. Link to Jpost article here and his blog post here.

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