Snowy Pesach

Sorry for the lapse in posts, I know you are all waiting. (echo)
This picture was taken many years ago by my father as the chometz was burned in the snow. I didn’t know the year until this past shabbos. Guests at our table included a savant, and he claims it was 1982 that Erev PEsach was snowy. (This week I heard a radio DJ describe our curerent season as “sprinter” i.e., spring-winter.)

Anyone remember the Russian Seder that the JCC ran in Schuster’s Hall for many years? The choir would sing for them at the end of davening before heading home to their own seders.

Russian Jewish emigration to America is basically finished, according to my barber. Here in Brooklyn, some of the legendary Jewish schools for Russian immigrants are ENTIRELY filled with Bucharian and other Sephardic students. This includes Be’er Hagolah and the now defunct RaTZaD. See my post about Russian Jews in the neighborhood here and here.AS00006_4

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