The man in the background

In the above photo, we see a Rabinic figure leaving the Friedberg Anlage with his lulav. Behind him are two men, one looking over his right shoulder as he steps off the curb.

The man’s life was recounted in excruciating detail, but in a noble effort to record everything she brought with her from her hometown, by Tillie (Wertheim) Stein. The man is her father Vogel Frederick Wertheim, a horse trader from Lauterbach- one of the rural hamlets around Frankfurt. He relocated to Frankfurt in the mid 193os when rural life became too difficult and dangerous. Eventually the family rented quarters on St. Nick and 157th Street and 161st at Ft. Wash.

Erna made Atlanta, Ga. her home and passed away a few years ago.

The many traditions and the devotion to the Jewish faith that she painstakingly recounts in 350 pages was diffused among her offspring of American stock. (Below, Vogel at the stable in better times.)


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