Kiddush of Abraham Katz

The kiddush that is associated with our Chazan Frankel is not the well known Lewendowski piece, but a lesser-known piece by Cantor Abraham Katz of Amsterdam (pictured above- photo from A quick Google search will lead you to the website devoted to Chazanus of the Netherlands called


Amsterdam Chazanut seems to have been an influence in Chazan Frankel’s unique style. I am told that he owned a collection of records by the late Hans Bloemendal. Chazan Bloemendal seems to be the most widely published Chazan of the German tradition, and some of his work has been released on CD and can be purchased on Amazon. 

(His bio from Hans Bloemendal, born in 1923, was a scientist and a chazzan. He started in Fulda, Germany, as a chazzan and composer, and painted as a hobby. In 1937 he fled with his sister to Amsterdam. During the war he was hidden by a Dutch family in the Uitwaardenstraat in Amsterdam. He survived the war, but his parents and only sister did not.

He became a professor, teaching biochemical research at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, specializing in the eye lens and also functioned as chazzan in the Jacob Obrechtplein synagogue in Amsterdam. His chazzanut has been recorded on several CD’s. At the age of 65 he received the honorary title of main cantor.)

Abraham Katz’s bio and book of compositions is available on the above website.


The particular kiddush- which I posted last night to the YouTube channel has been in use in the Netherlands in various forms as the moderator there records. In Breuers the thing to do was to sing along the word “Zecher” as Chazan Frankel climbed that little progression with the gentleness of ice cubes clinking in a whiskey glass (sorry I am not great at analogies). And that is just one of our things…

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