Guide to my Videos of General Interest

I was asked to publish a page that provides a menu to the videos on my YouTube channel by topic.


It is important when viewing the channel to click on the button that says “videos” which brings you to the entire collection. Here I will provide links to the videos that are of interest to the general public, not just locals from Washington Heights. By clicking on the hyperlinks you will access each video as described.


1) The story of the former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s boyhood in Fuerth and Washington Heights. Click HERE.


2) The History of Congregation Sharei Hatikvah, the first German-Jewish shul to form in Washington Heights. Part 1: Click HERE. The story of the first Rabbi, Sigmund Hanover, the Shul’s roots in Wurzburg, the amazing artifact from Germany that is embedded in the walls and the difference in lifestyle between the Jews of the countryside and their ability to coexist with the liberal Jews in their communities because of the simpler size and lifestyle of these hamlets.



Part 2: Click HERE. . The story of the shul’s Hebrew school and the memorable Walter Hes  and the HISTORY OF THE WURZBURG SEMINARY!



Part 3: Click HERE.The story of the second Rabbi, the memorable Abraham Krauss how he was suited to both the immigrant generation and the first American-born Orthodox generation of “baby-boomers”


Part 4: Click HERE. The story of the previous Rabbi Abraham Gross and (may he live long) the current Rabbi Abraham Hoffman- but chiefly an emotional tribute to the shul and its struggle to hang by a thread. A tribute to the simple and devoted German Jews who graced the halls of this synagogue.


The story of the founder of modern German Orthodoxy in Frankfurt, Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch. It is a bio, but ends with questions whether American Orthodox Jews NEED his philosophy of Tora im Derekh Erets (meaning the synthesis of Torah and living in the modern milieu) – or if it is outmoded by modern streams of Talmud learning and spirituality (Hasidic thought). Click HERE.


The story of how the youth of Washington Heights continued the Frankfurt tradition of Talmud study while pursuing college degrees, mostly in the trades and professions. The irony that many of these youth were later employed in Wall Street trading houses started by German-Jewish bankers. Click HERE.

The emotional story of the destruction of the IRG Shul in Frankfurt (Friedberger Anlage) on Kristallnacht. Click HERE.

I intend to write a menu to include cultural videos such as choir renditions and cantorial chants in the future.

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