Three Videos on Tisha B’av

These appear on my lesser known channel for minhag and nussach, Legacy Hirsch.

The first is with Dovid Roth of the National Library in Jerusalem explaining some unheard of minhagim in therecitalof Kinos that he documents from 18th century Italian sources, but were clearly the minhag of the “Kalir” as well. See here.

The second is me singing the kinah Amarer Bivchi which is sung every year by our shamash Victor S. IT is not perfect, but I wanted to record it.

The Third is embedded here, and contains 3 versions of Elie Tziyon, including Japhet’s which we don’t use…ironically. But I think we might use it among the kinos. (Additionally there is a video about Kristallnacht in Frankfurt here . May Hashem redeem Zion and her mourners, soon,)


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