Two Things to Investigate…

Gertrude Hirschler (Photo taken from the translated many of the Hirsch works into English. Her bio here.


The above mentioned bio says she removed her name from the Hirsch siddur over a conflict with the editor pertaining to the final draft. This should be investigated. Was something omitted? {After this was posted I was told by Proffesor M.Miller, that Dr. Bondi told him, that the editing went beyond her vision of the final product, but did not amount to a significant change.)


Secondly, in Steven Lowenstien’s “Frankfurt on the Hudson” he quotes from an unpublished manuscript of her’s titled, “Washington Heights; The Rise and decline of an Inner-City Jewish Community”. I imagine she didnt publish this out of sensitivity to the community that remains. But, people! We need to see this!


After a quick look, the librarian at YU did not locate it among the Hirschler papers stored there, though someone who could spend an afternoon there might come up with it.


Anyone looking to collaborate? (It is very hard to reach Dr. Lowenstien.)

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