We descend from the Weil family in Emmindingen. I have several pictures of that family as well as an artifact of the famous New York philanthropist Jonas Weil (picture above) who founded the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital and the Park East Synagogue with his son-in-law Rabbi Bernard Drachman. Drachman was an early translator of Hirsch’s “Nineteen Letters” and a his story can be found here .

The artifact in my possession is a ledger of loans made by Weil to people and institutions as well as letters from the board of the shul in Emmindingen.

Drachman and Weil were also among the founders of the JTS.

On a tangential note. The Yekkes were early contributors and founders of the Sharei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem. My Uncle Asher Hirsch z’l was active in some of their American fundraising. Hermann Schwabb in his memoirs writes that the original seed money for that hospital was provided by the financiers of the Frankfurt Kehilla. This is a very long legacy indeed.

Today the hospital has become a cause of the Syrian Jewish community in NY as well. This year’s dinner ad has 5 or 6 guests of honor in the age range of 21-25. The hospital has realized that a base of young contributors is essential. There is also a German-Jew from Riverdale among the honorees. The event will be in an uber-trendy event-space under a bridge in the UES.

I think I am priced out of this one…



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