My New Tallis Bag

I ordered a custom throw pillow (stuffing not included) on Amazon for 6$. It ships from Asia so allow time for delivery. I bought a plastic cover at Eichler’s and for another 6 dollars. I have a picture of the old shul on Friedberg Anlage with the posuk “Mimizrach Shemesh ad Mevo’o”  …ממזרח שמש עד מבואו מהלל שם” From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of Hashem is to be praised.”(Ps. 113:3)

I don’t know the origin of this picture with the posuk over it, my father saw it hanging in Jerry’s apartment and photographed it. The picture is now on my tallis bag.

But here is the story of a different picture.

In the 1920s Mr. Henry Zimmer was living in Frankfurt. He was a furniture designer and was trained in sketch. He penciled this picture of the shul for his own use.

In his octogenarian years his son helped him record a CD of our familiar nigunim- sung raw- without accompanying instruments-  in Mr. Zimmer’s aging voice. The album was recorded in a studio and came in a pearl case with a jacket bearing the picture he drew in his youth. I will soon share it to my website.

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