Today on Bennett

It was a quick gathering…

Like a flash mob, within minutes a crowd formed in front of shul. A crowd of faces that are the children of this street- of this playground and of this shul.
We knew another crowd would soon assemble in Clifton, but this crowd is the one to help him say goodbye to Bennett Avenue.
We too came to say hello and goodbye to each other, because we likely won’t meet soon. There is only one Edwin, and only one Edwin’s levaya.

When did this street become Hirsch and Sons?

I’m sorry for the sarcasm. It is still Bennett Avenue. The home of the greats. Our last layover before we transplant our 19th century German separatist Orthodox Kehilla to Jerusalem.
Maybe we thoug Edwin would walk before us, but now we know he will meet us on the other side, with the rabbonim and Dr Moeller.
Please G-d preserve us. Let us not become a memory, and let us not become stuck in our memories.

Yehi Zichro Baruch.

video here

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