Rav Breuer Anecdote

Just came from a bris in Lakewood. Rabbi Shelomoh Danziger shlita complimented my bentching. That was worth the whole trip!
He then told me this story…
A Rosh Yeshiva from YU came to visit Rav Breuer Ztl after he had lost his eyesight. The Rav told him, that regardless of the loss of vision he thanks Hashem for what faculties remain.
The Rav went on to interpert the mishna in Avos accordingly:
“Who is a rich man? He who is happy with his “chelek”, his lot. (Chelek could mean something broken off of a whole.) So the mishna means that even if one is left with only a “chelek” a piece of what he once had- is wealthy if he learns to appreciate it.
The visiting Rosh Yeshiva replied in awe: “This is a perush fitting to be said by one of ther Gedolim!” (Unwittingly implying that Rav Breuer was less than that…) And the backhanded compliment evokes smiles to this day…

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