Rav Schwab at the Siyum

As I remember it Rav Schwab was among several speakers, each spoke about the Holocaust. The Siyum HaShas evokes this collective memory sharpest. He told a story that had the whole arena crying. I can’t even repeat it without shaking. (https://youtu.be/lcD2_Qz4qPY)

He also spoke about how he remembers learning a mishna  as a young boy, that tells of  a special bracha for the occasion of seeing 600 thousand Jews at once. He couldn’t fathom even seeing a few thousand Jews together. That night, the first time MSG was procured for the event, he felt a little closer to the dream.

Besides Rav Schwab several others spoke about the level of shechina that resides with 22,000 Jews. This is indicated in the verse (Numb, 10;36) ” Shuva Hashem, rivavos alfei Yisrael” “Return, Hashem, (upon) tens and thousands of Israel.”

I haven’t been to the Siyum since 1991. This year I plan to attend and look forward to it anxiously.

Here is an incredible story. My friend and Partners-in-Torah chavrusah began wearing a kippah a few years ago. Recently, his physician told him that he, too, is Jewish. He also told him that while he does not observe mitzvos at all, he studies Daf Yomi daily and will finish with tomorrow’s cycle! ( He uses the Korein Talmud.)

My friend asked him if he will attend. He said, “No way!”

This should be informative in the way of helping us understand how  much of a divide exists between us and our secular brethren.

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