Some Dinner Stories

The story behind the picture.


At the annual dinner this week I showed the above photo to comrade Sidney G. and asked him if he remembers that dinner meeting celebrating the 200k mark.


Sidney says that he remembers that the ad that put them over the 200k was solicited by Sonja W. May she rest in peace.


Another picture shows a woman addressing the dinner meeting. Sidney says she was the head of the Bais Medrash committee. Anyone?


Comrade Pinchas K. shared this: One year in the early 60s his grandfather, Manfred zl, was dinner chairman. Now, Mr. K. was a big admirer and supporter of Rav Shlomo Breuer. So…he was used to saying “Rav Breuer sichrono levrocho”. So he gets up to announce him the Rav, (Rabbi Joseph Breuer) and he calls him Rav Breuer Sichrono Levrocho”!!!


The Rav mounts the podium and jokes,” I don’t like to be rushed!”


Pinchas also remembers the first year he and his wife organized the car raffle. They draw the winner and Edwin says to his neighbor on the dais ” I have a funny feeling…” Sure enough the winner is Edwin zl, and this after Pinchas was praised extensively for “arranging” the raffle!


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